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Dear Friend,

I know what its like ...

Proxies are pretty much a necessity in today's online world...

Your IP address can get banned for pretty much anything ... and without any warning!

The problem is purchasing private proxies is expensive ... and I mean really expensive.

I have had my IP banned because I couldn't afford private proxies and exposed my IP address ...

I can tell you I was pi**ed off...

But more about that later ...

As you sit there and read, study and analyze every word of this short letter you will be stunned, amazed and delighted at how easy it really is to have tested proxies ... at anytime ... when you need them ...

You don't realize it yet, but by the time you have finished this letter you will have a way to find and use proxies as fast as you need them, and use them to make sure your IP address is never in danger of being banned!

Now before we get into the nitty - gritty of this letter, have you ever thought of any of the following?

Most of you probably haven't because none of you would have thought this to be possible. Before the Proxy Goblin it wasn't but now it is 100% possible and happens to hundreds of people everyday.

Well I used to think about such questions all the time ... and I set out to find the answers!

After spending 30 days chained to my computer and desk I have been able to create the most powerful proxy scraping software ever to be released (I may be slightly biased, but you would be too).

If you are constantly awoken at night worried that the last Scrapebox blast you ran is going to be banned or if the last SENukeX link run is going to have a low approval rate then you MUST read every single word on this page.

Rest assured there is a solution for all of your proxy problem and unlike alot of the tools currently being sold online it isn't going to cost you an arm and a leg.

As long as you have the Proxy Goblin running you will be provided with a constant stream of fresh and ready to use proxies...

I got an email from someone who recently purchased "The Goblin" talking about how it's helped them...

With over 20 different functionalities that the Proxy Goblin can do I've put together a simple comparison chart that you can look at, to see why we are superior to our "competitors" (to be honest there is no other software that does what the Goblin does so it's like comparing chalk and cheese).

Core Features

Proxy Goblin

Mattseh's Proxy Finder

Elite Proxy Switcher

Built In Proxy Sourcesyesnono
Add Custom Proxy Sourcesyesyesno
Free Pre-Scraped Proxylistsyesnono
GEO Filtersyesnono
Google Verificationyesnono
Commandline Argumentsyesyesno
Free Updates For Lifeyesnoyes
Dedicated Support Forumyesnono

Automation Features

Download New Proxiesyesyesno
Save proxies to text fileyesyesno
Save proxies to CSV fileyesnono
Email Proxiesyesnono
FTP Proxiesyesnono
Re-test/Clean Proxiesyesnono

Plugins to Interface with other tools

No Hands Seoyesnono
Python Macrosyesnono
MS-Dos Batch Macrosyesnono
Google Url Scraperyesnono

As I said comparing Proxy Goblin to any other Proxy scraping tool is like comparing chalk and cheese.

I'm gonna let you in a little secret of mine ...

When I built the first version of the Proxy Goblin I didn't have any intention to sell it to the "public", I built it quick and dirty to work just for me.

I was about to run a massive scraping campaign and new that I needed a huge supply of proxies otherwise the IP's were going to get banned so I pulled together v1 of the Goblin. It worked, it worked really well...

I sent a raw copy over to a friend that's been in the IM industry for years for his personal use, below's the email I sent:

I really couldn't believe it when he offered me $1000 just to have first rights to promote Proxy Goblin to his database.

I felt like I had been hit on the top of my head with a sledge hammer!

Just imagine it! I mean seriously ...

He was willing to give me a GRAND just to say YES!

All I had to say was " yes ... you can send the first email promoting my software to your list"

and this would also put money in my bank account...

It was a complete win - win situation!

It was at that point I new I had created something that had huge potential. That email gave me the kick in the ass I needed to bring the Goblin to life as you see it today.

Watch The Video Below For A Quick Overview Of Proxy Goblin

Slide 1
  • Sit back and let your proxy lists grow.

    It's really that simple!

    Set the type of proxies you need, create a few tasks and let the Goblin run continuously in the background!

    "An example campaign could go like this but it’s only limited by your creativity."

    • Gather proxies
    • Scrub & filter
    • Send email with proxy list
    • Upload list to FTP Server
    • Send proxies to SENukeX
    • Pause for 10 minutes and repeat till the cows come home!
  • Core Features

    Why no other scraper comes close...

    • Over 200 Built In Proxy Sources!
    • Easily Add Custom Proxy Sources
    • Free Access to Pre-Scraped Premium Proxylists!!
    • Easily Blacklist Undesirable Proxies like Codeen
    • Find Proxies That Work On Google!
    • Use Commandline Arguments to Run Complex Startup Tasks
    • Absolutely Free Updates For Life
    • Dedicated In-House Support Run By Our Team Of Super Geeks
  • Powerful Automation Features

    Schedule a Few Tasks And Let The Goblin Do the Hard Work For You

    • Automatically Save Working Proxies To a Text File Or CSV
    • Easily Email Proxies On Auto-Pilot
    • Simple FTP Task Allows You To Directly Save Proxies To Any Server
    • Continuously Test Proxies And Weed out The Bad Ones
    • Use Our Plugins And Easily Push Proxies Into Various Tools
    • Advanced Users Can Use Custom Python Or Batch Macros For Absolute Power
  • Plugins & Integrations

    Send Proxies Directly Into The Softwares That Need Them!!!

    • SeNukeX
    • ScrapeBox
    • ScrapeBoard
    • SickSubmitter
    • WpsBox
    • SEO Link Robot
    • And More...

As you can see by now, the Goblin has REAL POWER, but I don't want you to just blindly take my word for it ...

Look ... I know you don't really care what I have to say, but you do care about what others have to say about it ... people that have actually used the Goblin! Well with over 298 messages on the warriorforum about the Goblin there is lots of positive comments and reviews about the power the Proxy Goblin has.

Here is just some of what people are saying about Proxy Goblin!

What you have just seen and read are Just A Handful Of The Countless Testimonials I Receive On A Daily Basis From Proxy Goblin Users

I probably don't need to tell you this, but I am going to say it anyway...

You can use Proxy Goblin on your PC (and your laptop of course)...

Not only that, get this ...

If you are running a virtualization desktop like VMWare/Parallels you are still able to use the Goblin ...no worries ... no problems!

PLUS... I have tested the Proxy Goblin with VMWare on Windows and OSX and it works perfectly...

Now... one of the things you will absolutely love about the Proxy Goblin (apart from the fact it literally makes your IP Address bulletproof) is that unlike all the other proxy softwares on the market...

you will get lifetime updates at no extra charge.

Yes you read that right ....AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

And you don't even need to remember to check for updates....


Because Proxy Goblin does the remembering for you... it will prompt you to update the software the second a new version is released.

Just imagine it... FREE updates FOR LIFE! Automatically updated!

I know that some of you out there are using VPS... So can you use the Goblin?

Of course you can!

If you are using seNukex or the like on a VPS and want to run Proxy Goblin on a VPS then just DO IT...it works like a dream on VPS...

In Fact ... I actually recommend running Goblin on a VPS if you need a large volume of proxies to use as it'll speed up the process.

"Ok, Ash It Sounds Great, But You Know Damn Well That The Proxies Will Become Overused ...Right"


Yes, it is true that if you use the proxy software currently on the market ...as some stage the proxies they provide will get overused ... BUT! .... That is NOT TRUE when you are talking about The Goblin!


Because Proxy Goblin uses over 200 sources to search and find useable proxies.

These sources are all different and are continually updated keeping the proxies you get from Proxy Goblin fresh.

Also another thing you will love about the Proxy Goblin ... is its flexibility ...

What do I mean by that?

GET THIS! If you have your own sources that you'd like to use you can add them to the Goblin as well.

Now I need to make sure that you HEAR and UNDERSTAND what I say next ....as it is vitally important ....

This is Not A Proxy Service

This is important...

What the Proxy Goblin does is find, test and allow you to use fresh proxies for your scrapping, commenting and linking activities ensuring your IP doesn't get banned in the process ...

It is not a service that sends you X amount of proxies a day...

If you have read this far then you know that the Proxy Goblin is, without a shadow of a doubt ... THE REAL DEAL!

and because I KNOW that The Proxy Goblin is THE REAL DEAL ... I can calmly do the following...


... just imagine that tonight you run a commenting blast to help increase your sites backlinks.

You hit "Go" on your blast and go to bed...

You sleep soundly with absolutely no stress or worry...

You wake up in the morning , shower and as you make breakfast you fire up your laptop and see that out of your 300 scheduled comments 99% were approved! And you haven't been banned!

Proxy Goblin can make that a reality!

No more stress, worry about getting banned and no more anger WHEN you do get banned...

All gone ... literally ... overnight!.

You have seen the testimonials from just a few of the people who have had their life completely and fully changed by The Proxy Goblin.

You see what it has done for them, and they are not any different than you...

The only difference is, they grabbed their chance with both hands ...

... and never looked back!

What will it cost you to permanently and forever get rid of, even the smallest possibility of not having proxies when you need them the most?

If I charged what The Proxy Goblin is truly worth, the only thing that would happen is that 99% of the people that NEED it would not be able to afford it...

You have seen the life altering power it possesses, and you now understand how easy it is to completely rid yourself of even the smallest chance of getting banned

In other words , YOU KNOW THIS IS FOR REAL!

Our Launch Discount Will be Ending Soon

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No hidden monthly charges or upsells.
This discount ONLY APPLIES FOR OUR LAUNCH... after that the price goes back up.